TOCA Goalkeeper Information

Becoming a better Goalkeeper requires dedicated focused training and repetitions that relate to your actions in a game. Work 1-on-1 or in a small group to improve your goalkeeper specific techniques including handling, footwork, diving, shot-stopping, dealing with crosses, and distribution. Integrating the TOCA machine allows for consistent service, high engagement, and quality repetitions in our Goalkeeper training.

When booking in for a TOCA session specify on the form that you want Goalkeeper training.

We train Goalkeepers in 1-on-1, or small groups up to 4.

  • Lucas Menz
    Lucas Menz General Manager

    Born in Frankfurt, Germany and raised in North Vancouver. Former Vancouver Whitecaps FC, Ebbsfleet United, Wormatia Worms, and Kickers Offenbach Goalkeeper. UEFA B Licensed coach currently coaching with Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

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