What is TOCA Training?


TOCA Training

Canadian soccer players are drastically behind the rest of the world in youth development largely due to the fact that the typical Canadian player has a much lower amount of touches on a soccer ball than the youth of countries whose main sport is soccer. In a typical 90-minute soccer practice, recreational players average only 6 minutes of time with the ball and an average of only 12 minutes of ball time for club players.

TOCA training enhances the number of quality touches with personal trainer guidance to vastly speed up development. By nature, the TOCA machine has no personality, therefore you create the positive environment you desire without external influence.

Mastery Learning

TOCA Training objectively identifies strengths and weaknesses. This focuses the development of core skills and enables players to step up to higher-paced playing environments.

Quality Repetitions

TOCA trainer delivers a game’s worth of quality touches in a matter of minutes. This dramatically improves comfort and competence on the ball. TOCA uses a smaller ball for increased concentration and lower body impact. All players get the same amount of touches, regardless of their skill level.

Touch to Time Ratios

TOCA is based on a Touch to Time ratio, to maximize development for all players. Players are continually engaged and forced to make decisions under quick time restraints. By basing training on a Touch to Time ratio, the goal is to achieve maximum growth in minimum time. 

Game-Like Situations

The versatility of the augmented game-like environment allows players to focus on core skill areas in a short amount of time. USC is committed to cognitive awareness training. Our new light-based 360 awareness tech is here!

TOCA for Youths

TOCA training sessions are shorter than a normal team or academy training session. Private or small group TOCA sessions go for a maximum of 50 minutes due to the intensity of repetition. A private 50-minute TOCA session can exceed 800 passes, and or shots. Young players tend to excel in this environment due to the “video game” like environment. You vs. the machine. It helps players engage and learn without over instruction or coaching. USC is also committed to cognitive awareness training. Our new light-based 360 awareness tech is here, enhancing game-like training like never before. Our coaching staff still engages with the players and supports the development, just like any other style of private training.

Players love coming in and playing fun TOCA competitions with their friends!

TOCA for Adults

TOCA for players 16 years and older takes on a few other levels of benefits. We see professional players and college student athletes come in all the time! These players want repetition in their personal environment. Stick your headphones on, get into your zone and let TOCA provide. Some players prefer to be in their own zone, and some prefer to work with our training staff to develop and excel.

Some players love booking out a TOCA studio, setting it to full volleys and having upper 90 volley competitions with their friends! We love this too, don’t be ashamed.