Youth Jamborees

PITCH & CAGE Youth Jamborees

Urban Soccer Centre offers a unique indoor space which is a true to the game 5-A-Side pitch & 3-A-Side Cage in an urban setting. USC hosts Jamborees for youth on a consistent basis. Youth Jamborees occur on a regular basis for youth players. Check out the full Jamboree schedule by clicking Join.

Our Youth Jamborees consist of a 6 team rotation with each team playing 2 games on THE PITCH and 2 games in THE CAGE. Games are fun and fast paced with lots of action and touches on the ball with minimum stops in play.

Book a spot for your team in our 2 hour Jamboree time slots. We suggest a team size of around 8 players, but teams can consist of 5 to 10 players. 6 Teams spots available per 2 hour Jamboree time slot. $240 per team – An average of $30 per person based on 8 players.

Enjoy the fresh air through our large warehouse doors, natural light through the skylights, and enjoy while staying out of the rain! #PlayYourGame


Example Structure

U7/8 Boys

8:20am-10:20am 6 team group

2 Hours of 20-minute slots. Each team plays 2 cages matches and 2 pitch matches each

$240 per team (8 player average per team, costs only $30 per players!)

Time Area Team 1 Team 2
8:20AM Pitch 1 2
8:20AM Cage 3 4
8:20AM Bye 5 6
8:40AM Pitch 3 6
8:40AM Cage 5 2
8:40AM Bye 1 4
9:00AM Pitch 5 4
9:00AM Cage 1 6
9:00AM Bye 3 2
9:20AM Pitch 1 2
9:20AM Cage 3 4
9:20AM Bye 5 6
9:40AM Pitch 3 6
9:40AM Cage 5 2
9:40AM Bye 1 4
10:00AM Pitch 5 4
10:00AM Cage 1 6
10:00AM Bye 3 2

Current Schedule

Youth Jamboree’s starting up this August!

Book online or call us at (604) 354-8668