USC Coaching Philosophy & Policy


TOCA training has a balance of live and augmented reality components allowing our staff to be fully player centric. With a focus on technical repetition this form of low impact training can be flexible to the players needs. Given a TOCA machine has no personality it allows for a very positive environment when pushing an athlete outside of their comfort zone. This allows our staff to stay relatable, motivating, and support technical creation.


Coach rotation is implemented at the TOCA training centers in the USA and Canada and the idea of having players learn from a wider range of personnel is not something new. Every trainer has their own strengths, and every player needs to learn to work with a variety of trainers to grow and develop their skills. All of our trainers work directly with our Director Of Soccer Operations to align core methodology, philosophies, and competencies.

A modern approach deserves a modern staff. USC supports a wide range of player development from grassroots to professionals as well as our Mens and Womens Canadian national team players. Our goal is to match players with coaches that can relate, motivate, and create.


Urban Soccer centre is committed to coach education. It is important that we put this at the forefront of our model. We strive to improve culture and take responsibility for the development of coaches so that they can fully support player development.

TOCA Explained by Director of Soccer Operations
– Alexander Elliott