This program is for youth players from any club or academy to come in and enjoy a fun, unique environment to develop their technical skills. USC has partnered with NVFC to ensure that players can enjoy this fun development program without team scheduling conflicts.

The program incorporates TOCA training in small groups (4-7 players) as well as small-sided 3v3 games in The CAGE to maximize touches and game-like scenarios. The TOCA & Skills Program is designed to be a fun, exciting, and unique setting; a place where players can improve their game in an ultra-modern development setting.

This program is open to individual players or teams that want their players to join an extra development session weekly. This program is pro-rated weekly so that players can sign up at any time throughout the phase. Please keep in mind that registration is limited to 24 spots per program.

Team Rate

6+ players from the same team and every player gets reimbursed $5 off per session! Once a team has 6 or more sign-ups, all players get reimbursed $5 per session ($50 off per player)

Schedule & Registration Information

Winter Dates
January 7th – March 15th 


Youth Schedule
Mondays | 6:15-7:30pm | U15-18
Tuesdays | 6:15-7:30pm | U13-14
Wednesdays | 5:00-6:15pm | U11-12
Thursday | 5:0-6:15pm | U9-10
Fridays | 4:30-5:40pm | U7-8
Fridays | 5:40-6:50pm | U9-10
Fridays | 6:50-8:00pm | U11-12
Sunday | 9:00-10:10am | U6-8
Sunday | 10:10-11:20am | U13-18

Book a spot now

You can book an entire phase at a discounted rate by pre-registering. Whether you are registering as a single player, or your entire team is registering into the program, each player must sign-up. This is not a drop-in program. 


Book a spot later

If you are planning to sign up at a later date during the program, the rate would be prorated based on how many sessions are left.  Please be aware that the program may be full prior to its start date.


Youth Programs $32.50 – per player | per session

Maximum 24 spots available.  Please note that the program is open to everyone, not just NVFC players.

Winter 2019 – Starting January

Book online, or by calling (604) 354-8668